TechCertRegistry.org is an informational and educational website detailing the latest and top career opportunities in the ever growing Online Technology Industry.

Rather than only focusing on a broad overview, we will also take an in-depth look at specialized products and companies that are in demand, where tech graduates can look to further certify themselves and get certified in order to take advantage of current gaps in the market.


We felt it important to be a central point of reference for graduates looking to get a head start in the tech industry by further specializing in more niche areas. We realize that even though IT graduates will always be in demand, specializing in specific topics will lead to a far more lucrative career and better long term job prospects.


  • IT Graduates looking to start their career off with a solid head-start
  • High school students interested in IT but not quite sure of the different areas of specialization and the various fields they can pursue
  • And current IT professionals already in the workplace, who are looking to further their career and increase their knowledge, expertise and pay

Will all certainly benefit from the information contained in TechCertRegistry.org