Considering a Career as a Certified Email Consultant

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Certified Email Consultant


Today, every business needs to engage in various online marketing campaigns to attract new customers and boost sales. And even though social media campaigns have become the latest trending means to run campaigns, email marketing is still considered to be THE MOST effective way to convert leads into customers, and generate a healthy ROI.

As a result, businesses are always looking to improve the effectiveness of their marketing emails, and are increasingly turning to experienced and certified email consultants.


Email consultants, also known as Email Marketing managers, are mainly responsible for the content creation and automation setup for a company’s various email campaigns.

The time of traditional mail marketing has long gone. It’s been replaced by email marketing which allows for a much more personal interaction with the reader. This leads to better brand building, customer loyalty and ultimately, more sales.

Email consultants have an acute understanding of just how important these email campaigns are. And it’s their job to execute everything to perfection. From the all-important subject lines, to engaging and persuasive body content, every part of a campaign has a crucial role to play. And when implemented correctly, these campaigns will outperform every other form of marketing out there.


Why businesses need a Professional Email Consultant?


Email ConsultantMany businesses suffer from creating poorly crafted email campaigns, and even lose their existing customers as a result. A failed email campaign is also a missed business opportunity and you can’t expect the customer to open your business email even if it is well crafted and designed the next time. Employing email consultants will ensure that not only are ALL your emails designed and created in a way that resonates with your customers, but also from a technical stand point, ensuring that every email renders correctly when opened with an email client.


Email consultants have a knack for coming up with informative, attractive and succinct content that captures the attention of your customers from the very first email and swiftly, yet gently, guides them through the businesses marketing funnel also compels them to take the appropriate action every step of the way. This interactive form of marketing is here to stay, and not only does it lead to greater sales, but it also provides a satisfying experience for the customer.


Email consultants not only draft effective emails, but also perform a host of other activities including constantly tracking their email engagement and seeing whether there are opportunities to optimize and improve the effectiveness of an email campaign. Apart from basic metrics, consultants need to be proficient in various analytics software to analyze the emails and to provide reports on what type of content is proving to be the most engaging with customers, through strategic program audits and deliverability analysis.


Why an Email Consultant as a career provides you a better future?


emailsIn the world of business, marketing is king. Marketing leads to increased brand awareness, customer acquisition and sales. More businesses are starting to understand this concept and are allocating more of their budget to ensure that their marketing campaigns are successful.

And since email marketing is number one, trained email professionals are in high demand. Businesses are looking towards certified email consultants like you to help them with drafting targeted and customer-focused email marketing campaigns and generating an excellent ROI.